Behind every great product there is a story


It all started when...

I was seven years old and my mom taught me how to bake my first chocolate cake. That was it... I was hooked and my love for baking was forever stamped upon the fabric of my life. Even as a teenager, I dreamed of having some type of a food business, something that would be comforting, made fresh with wholesome ingredients. Fast forward to 2011 when a serious illness caught me by surprise and I had a real wake up call. Like many others, I realized that fear had held me back from pursuing things that I'd always wanted to do. What if failure was off the table...what would be the one thing I would pursue if I couldn't fail? That's when the idea for Heritage Scones was born. For years, I had made these wonderful scones for my family and friends. I had found it so convenient to keep frozen dough on hand so that I could bake them up whenever we wanted to enjoy them hot and fresh right out of the oven. I started doing a bit of market research and realized that there really was a need for a line of all-natural frozen ready to bake scones. Scones that would bake up quickly, look beautiful, taste fantastic and of course contain only the highest quality ingredients. So that is what I have set out to accomplish. To create a company that produces a line of superior all-natural frozen ready to bake scones. The kind of scones that our moms and grandmothers would be proud to serve at their tables. 

With love,

Danette Klindt

Owner/Founder Heritage Scones, LLC